Microfiber Plush Detailing Towel

This is a great all-purpose detailing towel. Use it to clean, apply chemicals, dry your vehicle, or clean the interior. Works great all the way around the car, and very soft and plush. Choose from grey or blue!

Our premium plush microfiber detailing towels are the best plush microfiber detailing towels around. These towels are the perfect size for your detailing needs. They are great for detailing, polishing, wax buffing, interior dusting, drying, and more.

These plush microfiber towels remove excess wax and contaminants like a magnet with their dense fibers. They hold water well and wring out easily so you can keep drying with the same towels even after you fully soak them. They are paint safe and tagless, so you don’t have to worry about the scratches or swirls that cheaper towels leave.





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