Magic Trio Peeler

The Magic Trio Peeler can handle any kind of peeling job, peeling all kinds of fruits and vegetables without getting stuck or getting dull. The set comes with 3 different types of peelers with different types of blades that can manage peeling all kinds of food.

This is the easiest way to peel fruits and vegetables and remove seeds.

  • Dual ultra sharp surgical stainless steel swivel double-edge blades
  • Smooth and easy peeling
  • Comfortable handles that reduce fatigue from peeling
  • Built-in potato eye remover and orange peeler
  • Easy to wash and dishwasher safe
  • Black 50mm Peeler: General peeling such as for potatoes, carrots, apples, pumpkins, pineapples, and tomatoes

  • Blue 68mm Peeler: Cuts food into ribbons with thin slicing and can slice cheese and shred cabbage

  • Red Julienne Peeler: Julienne peeling such as zucchini noodles and pumpkin spaghetti




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