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You usually play golf on weekends, often meeting partners on golf courses. If you really want to improve your golfing skills, besides relieving stress or just having fun, this may be the tool you need.

This is a golf observation instrument that uses precision optics and digital technology to measure distance.
This is a very safe distance test device, without any form of energy radiation, without any damage and damage to the human body during the measurement of the distance.

1. GREEN MODE.(Specially designed for golfers, you can easily get the distance between your holes)
2. GENERAL MODE.(Suitable for the general situation, first you put the target height into, you can measure the distance between the target and the object)

Objective lens: 28mm
Eyepiece: 16mm
Resolution: 13 inch
Magnification: 7X
The farthest test distance is 930 yards (1 yards = 0.914 meters)
Visual angle: 7.8 degrees
Power supply: 2 X CR2032 button batteries
Size: approx. 90x50x38mm/3.54×1.96×1.49”




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